The Worst Thing About Travelling Alone

Some times the worst thing about travelling alone is not having anyone to share your experience with.  Like the time I was checking in at Siem Reap – Angkor airport, Cambodia, on my way back to Bangkok.  It was a short flight and the friendly young Cambodian man, eager to be helpful, ernestly suggested “You might like to get something to eat before the flight, as they only served a small snatch onboard.”  It took every ounce of self control not to break into a fit of immature giggles.  I desperately wanted to say “How dare you sir! What are you implying!” but my smutty joke would (A) most likely be lost on the nice young man, or worse (B), horribly offend him, (in my short time in Cambodia, I found that most people were religious and rather conservative), and (C), end up making myself look like a dirty old skank.  Instead, I had to be content to quietly chuckle to myself and wait until I found someone with a similarly warpped sense of humour.

1 thought on “The Worst Thing About Travelling Alone

  1. I can guarantee Kim, it can be a whole lot easier alone, but I agree, not always better. My Swedish wife Birgitta, swore every journey it would be her last, till the itch to see some new place or thing or people overcame the end of life experience of every take off and landing. But the Norwegian ship of 90,000 tons rocking gently in my experience to 20 meter waves was to her equally as end of the earth but without end till she slept out of pure exhaustion. In the morning we woke to the calm excellence of the Geiranger Fjiord, and all is forgotten.
    Well i can’t guarantee you will not have areas of happenings that you will sweep under the proverbial carpet of time, but which you can take out, shake, and have a laugh at that which brought a tear, or two.
    Have a lovely time, we wait to explore with you. JohnW and Co


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