Not Another Bloody Travel Blog!

For the two or three people who might read this, I want to make it clear I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, and I don’t really have a plan about how this is going to go.  I’ve never blogged before, and I certainly don’t profess to be a travel expert, so if you’re expecting to see a slick site, (I seriously don’t know what I’m doing), get amazing travel tips like how to live 5 star on $10 a day, (if you know how please drop me a line), or see photos of me lighting a joint off a live lava flow, then I’m afraid you will be sadly disappointed.  What I will be doing is giving an authentic, warts and all account of my travels with perhaps the occasional rant.  I promise not to embellish stories to make out how easy and fantastic everything is, or use other people’s photos (sorry, you’ll have to put up with my crappy photography), hence the first photo is of my passport, boring I know, but I thought it was better than an empty suitcase, (my other idea) to signify the start of my journey.  Although this blog is primarily an experiment for me, and a way for people at home to keep track of me, I hope that if anyone stumbles upon it, they might find something of interest.  Thanks for reading!


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